Behind the scenes of every happy wedding day, a lot of frenzied activity takes place to make sure that everything is perfect.  At Brookhall, nothing is too much bother for the owner Pauline Johnston as you can see in the wedding tales below.

The Missing Wedding Cake

Harriet the pig once helped herself to a bride’s wedding cake that had been left on the floor of the barn by her mother whilst they were decorating the wedding venue.  Much hilarity ensued when they discovered that the cake was gone, along with a carrot cake and a lemon cake, but Harriet looked very happy.  Luckily a local supermarket provided a suitable alternative and the bride and groom saw the funny side, although Pauline says that she aged 25 years!  Harriet had no comment.

The Lost Helicopter

A bride had arranged to arrive by helicopter with her parents to land in the front paddock.  However, there was a security alert on and the helicopter was not allowed to land at Brookhall.  Instead it ended up in a field near Broomhedge which was four miles away and they had no idea where they were.  Pauline jumped into the vintage bridal car and drove around the countryside until she spotted the helicopter in the middle of a muddy field.  Thankfully a local farmer came to the rescue and wearing his wellington boots, he gallantly lifted the bride over the muddy field to the safety of Pauline in the vintage wedding car.  All was well that ended well although the wedding was three hours late due to the shenanigans.


Thankfully there are not dramas like this every day at Brookhall but these are just a few of the funny and unusual wedding tales from the team at Brookhall Weddings.  There have been so many down the years which have made lots of happy memories for both the bridal parties and everyone at Brookhall.  With such a resourceful and helpful team, brides and grooms can relax in the safe hands of the Brookhall team knowing that they have the skills and experience to overcome any little hitches that may occur.


Brookhall Farm Estate is a few miles from Lisburn City Centre.  With its own 12th century church building and onsite self-catering cottages, Brookhall is the perfect wedding venue for couples looking for an idyllic rural setting for their special day.